The US artist duo NIX/GERBER creates complex miniature worlds by hand around post-apocalyptic sceneries, of which only a photographic still life remains.

Lenin by Andy Warhol

Shortly before his death in 1987, Andy Warhol created his last series of portraits of ‘Lenin’, thus completing a consistent oeuvre in the spirit of Pop Art.

Klasse Gregor Hildebrandt

“Looking back ahead”, especially in unusual times like these, is a phrase that can adopt highly individual form and gestalt as a conceptual allegory. In 2021, 13 students of Prof. Hildebrandt presented an ensemble of works that explore and call for changes in perspective in a variety of ways.

Galerie Klüser - Contemporary art in Munich

Galerie Klüser is a platform for contemporary art founded in 1978. It represents internationally renowned and emerging artists at the exhibition space in Munich.

Collaboration with artists such as Joseph Beuys, Tony Cragg, Enzo Cucchi and Andy Warhol began in the early years, followed by exhibitions with Christian Boltanski, Alex Katz, Olaf Metzel, Julião Sarmento and Sean Scully.

The exhibition space Galerie Klüser 2 existed from 2002 until 2022, where in particular younger artists such as Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Constantin Luser, Gregor Hildebrandt, Lori Nix, Bernardí Roig, Jorinde Voigt and Natalia Załuska have been shown for the first time.

In 2018, both galleries hosted an extensive solo exhibition by Anish Kapoor.

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