03 – 25 August, 2017

Galerie Klüser 2

This summer, Galerie Klüser starts its exhibition series SUMMERSHOWCASE. In August, like in the early years of 2000, we are going to present promising, young positions at Galerie Klüser 2.
The artist Elisabeth Wieser (1986) creates large-scale, architectural sculptures often complemented by collages and drawings. Whereas her earlier works remind of shelters or abandoned places and are titled stage or habitat, a remarkable development in form occurred over the past two years. This can be traced back to Wieser’s one-year USA residence supported by the DAAD-scholarship as well as the US-scholarship of the state of Bavaria.
During this time the artist dismissed the surfaces of her sculptures in order to focus on framing architectural elements only. Wieser’s works are both irritating and enigmatic. They suggest an ambivalent atmosphere and evoke a tense feeling, due to an emphasis on blank space. In the beginning spatial elements referred to the absence of a protagonist, when now, abstract, architectural structures are underlining an “in-between” emptiness.
Furthermore, Elisabeth Wieser’s focus lies on material itself. Already being essential in her sculptures, she has recently started to use the image carrier for research purposes and creates so called material-images. In contrast to the sculptures, Wieser does not alienate cheap materials (cardboard, styrofoam, paper) to suggest something more hardwearing (cement, bricking), but deals with its actual texture sensitively.
Building a frame and enclosing her work is one of Wieser’s general interests. Thus her sculptures, drawings, collages and material-images are connected with each other.
Composition and material engage in a dialogue, the lines and surfaces build a coherent structure, which often appears mysterious to the viewer.

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