Natalia Załuska

Narrative Poetics

22 October, 2019 – 01 February, 2020

Galerie Klüser 2

Natalia Załuska’s works have a sensual lightness that the artist generates by means of multi-layered compositions in various materials and media. Layers of cardboard and paper lie over painted parts of the image, thin lines and actual openings disclose ever new details. In her solo exhibition ‘Narrative Poetics’, Natalia Załuska (*1984 in Krakow) is showing new collages on canvas and cardboard at Galerie Klüser 2.

Selected Works

Natalia Zaluska, Collage, Mixed Media, Art

About the artist

Natalia Załuska constructs her minimalist and reduced paintings by using various materials that she accurately assembles with a range of different techniques, resulting in a play of geometric forms. The fundamental form is always based on a rectangle upon which multilayered monochrome collages develop, made of canvas and cardboard, acrylic and pencil. The artist folds, tears or cuts the materials and arranges them carefully into a structure that opens up new perspectives through its broken surfaces.


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