Klasse Gregor Hildebrandt

Blick zurück nach vorn

11 March – 22 May, 2021

Galerie Klüser

Julia Emslander · Erik Esso · Daniela Koch · Lara Koch · Peter Langenhahn · Ly Nguyen · Boris Saccone · Gemma Solà · Rico Sperl · Ludwig Stalla · Franz Stein · Milen Till · Nata Togliatti - curated by Gregor Hildebrandt
Gregor Hildebrand

About the curator

Gregor Hildebrandt was born in 1974 in Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, Germany. Working mainly with analogue sound storage mediums, the artist creates sculptures, installations and paintings with materials such as compression molded vinyl, audiotapes on canvas or cassette shells. With their musical history they are adding another invisible dimension to the minimalist works. Hildebrandt is professor for Painting and Prints at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich since 2015. Furthermore, he was honoured with the Falkenrot Prize in 2016. The artist lives and works in Berlin.

Viewing Rooms

Klasse Gregor Hildebrandt

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