Hildebrandt and Metzel in ‘art&function’

Collage with works of Gregor Hildebrandt and Olaf Metzel
Gregor Hildebrandt, Segel, 2017, Casette, Tape, Film, Nylon, Metal, Synthetic rope, 1222 x 482 cm, © Gregor Hildebrandt / Photo: Danny Shechtman // Olaf Metzel, Flying Buffet IV, 2014, Aluminium, 116 x 82 x 82 cm © Olaf Metzel / VG Bild – Kunst / Photo: Jamie Fischer

Gregor Hildebrandt and Olaf Metzel are represented in the exhibition ‘art&function’ at Rathausgalerie München in Munich. The exhibition presents works by contemporary artists at the interface between art and functionality.

On view until 11 July, 2020 at Rathausgalerie, Munich, Germany

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