Nah am Wasser

‘” ‘Nah am Wasser’ (Close to the Water) is the most comprehensive museum exhibition of works by internationally renowned Berlin artist Gregor Hildebrandt.

Hildebrandt combines traditional materials such as cassette tapes, video cassettes and vinyl records with contemporary concepts and has created a fascinating, artistically rich oeuvre over the last few decades, which never gives the impression of being complete, instead remaining continually surprising.

The exhibition shows a selection of works spanning two decades, with the majority reflecting on themes such as the aura of the sea, lagoons, lakes or rain—either in their title or their subject matter.”

– Kunsthalle Rostock –

The exhibition is curated by Stephan Koal.

Opening: March 8 at 6 p.m.
9 March – 20 May 2024.

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