25 February - 23 April, 2016

Galerie Klüser 2

Galerie Klüser is pleased to show new works by Olaf Metzel at the upcoming exhibition which takes place at Gallery Klüser 2, Türkenstrasse 23.In „SIXPACK“ six new wall sculptures in a smaller format will be presented.
Thematically Metzel still deals with recent political topics, cultural contributions in architecture, music, literature and art as well as social relevant questions of our time.Aluminium plates are digitally printed on both sides to be deformed, flexed or folded by hand. This manuel process of deformation is essential for the sculpture’s formal nature. Its appearance can be associated with crumpled paper. Books, newspaper articles, flyers or photographies are Metzels printing templates.The exhibition is on display until April 23 2016. The new catalogue „dermaßen regiert zu werden“ from Olaf Metzel on the occasion of his show at the Neues Museum Nürnberg 2015/ 2016 was awarded best Artbook 2015 in Austria and can be purchased at the gallery.
Olaf Metzel Sculpture

About the artist

The Galerie Klüser has been representing the Berlin-born (1952) sculptor and object artist Olaf Metzel since 1998. Based in Munich, he teaches as a professor of sculpture at the local Academy of Fine Arts.

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