Olaf Metzel


04 June - 31 July, 2019

Galerie Klüser

In addition to new aluminium sculptures, Olaf Metzel (* 1952 in Berlin) will also be showing the installation "Noch Fragen?" (Any More Questions?, 1998) in the exhibition 'shopping', granting opportunity for reflection with this ensemble. As he was 20 years ago, today the artist is still concerned with political and social themes whose fresh, continuing, or resurgent relevance is reflected in his work.
Olaf Metzel

About the artist

Galerie Klüser has been representing the Berlin-born (1952) sculptor and object artist Olaf Metzel since 1998. Based in Munich, he teaches as a professor of sculpture at the local Academy of Fine Arts. As an artist he became famous for space-oriented installations. Erected in public spaces and alluding to political and social circumstances, his works caused a lot sensation. Metzel uses objects that are symbolically charged within their specific context such as scrap, crowd barriers and stadium seats. Apart from monumental sculpture the artist also creates wall pieces that contain of imprinted and deformed aluminium plates.

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