Vor der Tür, ein Wunsch

07 September – 29 October, 2017

Galerie Klüser 2

The gallery is showing the works of Berlin-based artist Gregor Hildebrandt for the first time in the rooms of Galerie Klüser 2. Since 2015, Hildebrandt has been teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Galerie Klüser’s exhibition “Vor der Tür, ein Wunsch” (On the Doorstep, A Wish) provides an insight into his work.
Gregor Hildebrandt’s installations and objects are oriented on the principle of addition and reveal his artistic study of analogue sound carriers. Diverse storage media such as cassettes or CDs, sound and VHS tapes, or records represent Hildebrandt’s starting materials. Audio or video tapes are mounted directly onto the picture carrier (canvas, photo-print), spaces are explored using tape as a means of installation, and warped vinyl or cassette cases function as a sculptural element. Hildebrandt creates precise, appealing works of a powerfully haptic nature.
The contents of the tapes – films, music or lyrics – are not employed in an auditory or visual way here. There are no sounds to be heard, no film images to be seen, yet they are still significant as part of the work, highlighting important references to music, art or literature for the artist. Songs by specific performers, such as the “Einstürzende Neubauten”, for example, or “The Cure”, as well as scenes from various films are used on a regular basis. Often a work comes into being because of a song, or a special piece of music has to be found for a certain series of works. The musical or film sequences open up an invisible, additional level for the viewer.

Both objects and installations are being shown in the exhibition “Vor der Tür, ein Wunsch”. Besides the installation of the same name, “Vor der Tür, ein Wunsch”, which introduces or concludes the exhibition, following a wall of records in the rear of the gallery, it is possible to see the 4-part series of paintings “Von Tür zu Tür” (From Door to Door). Here, Hildebrandt refers to the famous opening of the door scene from the Alfred Hitchcock classic “Spellbound”. The exhibition runs until 29th October 2017.
Gregor Hildebrandt’s first performance will take place on Saturday, 9th September during the launch of S.M.S. Shit Must Stop. (Entry free, 8 pm at By Prinzip, Münchner Freiheit near the underpass, followed by a party with “Kill the Tills”).
Gregor Hildebrandt tapes artwork

About the artist

Gregor Hildebrandt was born in 1974 in Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe, Germany. Working mainly with analogue sound storage mediums, the artist creates sculptures, installations and paintings with materials such as compression molded vinyl, audiotapes on canvas or cassette shells. With their musical history they are adding another invisible dimension to the minimalist works.

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