Bernardí Roig

La Cabeza de Goya

26 November, 2020 – 8 May, 2021

Galerie Klüser 2

Bordeaux/Madrid, 1888. Sixty years after Goya’s death in Bordeaux, the Spanish consul discovers his grave and arranges for the exhumation of the body. But the contents of the tomb hold a surprise: the artist’s head is missing. Bernardí Roig (*1965, Palma de Mallorca) has constructed an itinerary of images around this fictional scenario. Sculptures, watercolors, light installations and large format drawings attempt to form a large imaginary and multi-faceted portrait of Goya’s absent head and the intricacy of the human memory.

Selected Works

Bernardi Roig

About the artist

The multi media artist Bernardí Roig is known for his installations of polyester resin figures interacting with neon light, drawings, photographs or videos. He not only portrays the human body but also critically reflects on the flood of images and information of mass media. Some works also explore the topics of mortality and death by using materials such as fire, coal and ice. All of his works place special emphasis on the discrepancy between the image and nature of the depicted figure. 

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