Paintings and Works on Paper

08 March – 16 May, 2018

Galerie Klüser

In the context of the gallery’s 40th anniversary celebrations, we are showing a comprehensive exhibition of paintings, collages, drawings and graphic artworks by Andy Warhol.
Our cooperation with the artist began with a portrait series of Joseph Beuys in 1980. Hundreds of visitors stormed the gallery on the opening night, as both artists were in attendance.
This was followed in 1981 by an exhibition of paintings and graphic works from the “American Myths” (in cooperation with the Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York) and in the following year by our edition of the portfolio of graphic artworks “Goethe” (together with Galerie Hans Mayer, Düsseldorf). The series “Details of Renaissance Paintings” with sections of paintings by Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci and Paolo Uccello was our biggest graphic art project in 1984, comprising a total of twelve screen prints supplemented by large-format paintings of the selected motifs. In 1986 Andy Warhol created two almost three-metre-high camouflage portraits and a graphic artwork of Joseph Beuys for the memorial exhibition “In Honour of Joseph Beuys” in the Municipal Museum Lenbachhaus. One of these portraits is featured in our exhibition. The portrait series “Lenin” in 1987 marked the climax of our collaboration, when numerous paintings, collages, drawings and graphic artworks were presented in the gallery. It was to be the final exhibition by Andy Warhol, who died unexpectedly two days before the opening.
Our close, always professionally cordial cooperation with the centennial artist ended tragically before various projects planned for the future could be realised.
Our exhibitions offer a look back at the productive years of the 1980s, supplemented by graphic incunabula as loans from the private collection.

Selected Works

Andy Warhol canvas

About the artist

Andy Warhol (born 1928) is probably the best-known exponent of the American Pop Art. His work is included in almost every renowned collection of modern art as well as displayed in numerous international exhibitions. Galerie Klüser has been working with Andy Warhol from 1980 until his death in 1987 and is representing the artist until today. Furthermore, Bernd Klüser published several of Warhol’s series (paintings and prints), for instance the Joseph Beuys Portraits, the Details of Renaissance Paintings and the Lenin series.

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