07. June - 28. July, 2018

Galerie Klüser & Galerie Klüser 2

J. BEUYS · J. CAGE · T. CRAGG · S.DELAUNAY · U. ERBEN · F.H. EVANS · O. FREUNDLICH · P. GAUGUIN · G. HILDEBRANDT · V. HUGO · D. JUDD · I. KNOEBEL · J. LASKER · S. LEWITT · R. MC BRIDE · K. MALEVICH · H. MATISSE · G. MERZ · M. MULLICAN · O. METZEL · E.W. NAY · B. PALERMO · G. RICHTER · U. RÜCKRIEM · R. RUTHENBECK · G. SAND · S. SCULLY · L. TOMASKO · T. VALSANG · J. VOIGT · WOLS · N. ZAŁUSKA. ... The story of abstracting and abstract art resulted in a revolutionary artistic development from the beginning of the 20th century. At the outset in particular it was a struggle against the bourgeois understanding of a classical art canon (which had lost some of its certainty already through Impressionism and Fauvism) but the situation little more than 100 years later is free of conflict, defined by peaceful coexistence with other artistic standpoints.

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