Joseph Beuys Editions

Joseph Beuys, Edition, print

About the artist

The close co-operation with Joseph Beuys (born 1921 in Krefeld, Germany) was the starting point of Bernd Klüser’s gallery and publishing activity. Up to the present day the Galerie Klüser has been representing the artist. Besides, the gallery supported and organized several museum exhibitions, is the editor of a large number of his editions and published many catalogues on the artist. In 1971 Bernd Klüser edited the first Catalogue Raisonné of the Beuys Multiples (together with Jörg Schellmann). As a performance artist, sculptor, draftsman and art theorist Joseph Beuys left a remarkable wide range of works that are posing essential and key questions of art, society and its systems. He generated his ideas from a scientifice approach as well as a creative and intuitive one. Beuys saw his artworks in the context of a transmitter-receiver model, helping him to spread his messages to the public.

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