David Godbold



Coloured drawings in graphite and ink on tracing paper are characteristic for the artist David Godbold. With these kinds of works, deriving from motifs of comics and old master drawings, he makes the imagery of high culture and subculture a subject of discussion. Godbold attaches his transparent drawings to found fragments of paper and provides them with texts written by himself or abstracted out of literature and lyrics. The resulting works comprise a symbiosis between image and writing and deal with in-depth topics like war, sorrow, inner conflicts, fear of death and hope for redemption. Born 1961 in the United Kingdom, Godbold studied at the Goldsmith College of Art in London. Between 1990 and 2007 he was lecturer at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin. Up to the present day the artist has been living and working in the Irish capital. Since 2006 the Galerie Klüser has been representing David Godbold.

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